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Combo of 2 Layer and 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plants in a Glass Vase with Pebbles

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The Lucky bamboo is a feng shui plant you can give to your family and friends to wish all luck and prosperity. The lucky bamboo arrangement is a combination of five essential elements of Feng Shui - earth, wood, water, metal, and fire. Place this lucky bamboo in your house or office to enhance the good energy.

Plant height: 3 - 7 inches

Plant spread: 3 - 7 inches




Care Instructions

  • Keep the Lucky bamboo plant away from direct sunlight to avoid overheat from sun exposure.
  • Do not spray water or mist in the lucky bamboo leaves, a gentle wiping will remove dust or dirt from it.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water as it may cause damage to the plant. Maintain the water level to keep the roots submerged in water.
  • Change the water, clean the roots of the plant and pot once in a week to keep plants healthy.


Key requirements to keep plant healthy:


Sunlight: Partial sunlight

Water: Moderately

Temperaturebetween 18-28°C degrees C.

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer



  • Lucky Bamboo is well-known for bringing good fortune, prosperity and positive vibes.
  • Lucky bamboo symbolize happy life making it a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • These plants are extremely easy to take care and require very little maintenance.
  • You can keep this plant in air-conditioned rooms also
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