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Jade plant (Green, Small)Elephant bush, Portulacaria afra, - Succulent Plant

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The Jade plant is the ultimate symbol of prosperity in China. It's flat round leaves and compact shape makes it the Asian equivalent of a money tree.
Plant height2 - 4 inches (5 - 11 cm)
Plant spread4 - 6 inches (10 - 16 cm)

The Jade plant is the ultimate symbol of prosperity in China. It's flat round leaves and compact shape make it the Asian equivalent of a money tree. They survive well in small shallow containers. Jades are evergreen plants with thick branches and smooth, rounded, fleshy leaves that grow in opposite directions.

The silver dollar jade is an attractive succulent plant native to South Africa. The plant produces star-shaped clusters of white or pink flowers during the winter season. The plant is considered a succulent shrub and will grow up to 10 feet tall.

Common name(s)Elephant Bush, Elephant Food,Elephant Plant, Miniature Jade, Dwarf Jade, Dwarf Jade Plant, Small Leaf Jade, Porkbush
Flower coloursAfter a dormant period in winter, the bush produces small pink flowers grouped in clusters at the ends of the branches.
Bloom timeAfter a dormant period in winter.
Max reachable heightUp to 10 feet.
Difficulty to growModerately easy

Planting and care

  • The jade plant is mainly propagated by cuttings.
  • For indoor cactus & succulents, the recommended pot size is 10inch, it may do well in 6-inch pot as well.
  • Typically an indoor cactus & succulents do not change greatly in size, and you want to avoid excess soil in the pot, which can hold too much water and rot the cactus.
  • SunlightFull to partial sunlight
    SoilUse well-drained soil
    WaterIt requires normal watering when the soil is dry in the summer, and very little watering in the winter.
    TemperatureAt least 20 degrees Celsius.
    FertilizerImplement a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer every 6 to 8 weeks between spring and early fall.

    Caring for Elephant bush

    • Place in a bright draft-free room receiving 2-3 hours of sunlight in the morning.
    • The soil in the pot should be well-drained.
    • Apply water when the upper soil layer (1-3 inch) in the pot feels dry to touch.
    • Do not overwater the plant especially when the pot does not have drainage holes.
    • Provide proper ventilation to your plant.
    • Make sure the pot drains well and do not leave a saucer with water sitting under the container.
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