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Bamboo Palm (small) Plant

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Make any corner of your home & office lucky with a Vastu Small Bamboo plant. This fascinating low maintenance plant wards off negativity to bring good luck to it's surrounding. The plant comes in an attractive planter with shiny colorful stones. A great gifting idea


Plant height14 - 22 inches (35 - 56 cm)
Plant spread:

The bamboo palm can grow to 6 feet and is more resistant to pests than the areca palm. It is also more effective than the areca and the lady palm at removing airborne chemicals. Also an excellent humidifier. Enjoys semi-sun and 60-75F temperatures, and not less than 50 degrees.

Common name(s)Bamboo palm
Max reachable height1.5 to 5 feet,
Difficulty to growEasy

Planting and care

  • Since bamboo likes high ambient moisture levels, daily misting of bamboo house plants are recommended. Place the bamboo where it can get direct natural lighting if possible.
  • Most indoor bamboo cannot retain all their foliage and some leaf drop is to be expected.
  • Follow fertilizing directions for the size container you have.
  • A good potting soil, mixed with perlite for drainage works great.
  • Just keep a check on the soil and allow it to dry out between watering.
  • Bamboo likes water, but loves drainage.
  • Do not leave your containers of bamboo outside during the winter months and expect it to live.
  • cold climate zones you must move the container into a protected warm area during the cold winter months.
  • SunlightPalm s prefer partial shade (or partial with some sunlight), as they are more than happy in low-light conditions.
    SoilBamboo plants also like to have fertile, slightly acidic, well drained but moist soil.
    WaterKeep soil moist throughout the growing season
    Temperature10 to 20 degrees C
    FertilizerUse any organic fertilizer

    Caring for Chamaedorea Seifrizii

    • After your bamboo palm has had time to establish itself you can move it into a shady spot or an area with indirect sun.
    • The care is fairly simple, just water your plants when the soil becomes dry.
    • Using a palm fertilizer is a good idea, but you should wait with newly planted palms for at least two months.
    • Mites can be an issue with palms so keep an eye on the undersides of the leaves.
    • If you notice mites, simply wash the leaves carefully in a warm water with mild soap.
    • Do this periodically until the mites are gone also, remove brown and damaged leaves regularly.
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